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Integral Mission

Since Thailand Food for the Hungry International (TFHI) was founded in Thailand the Organization has been providing ministries to provide assistance to Thais afflicted by natural disasters on a long term and holistic manner. TFHI also organizes training and seminars so that it can work according to Biblical worldview to reach the goal to help relieve the sufferings of people and work in development work on a long term manner.


The Church is the window for God
In carrying out its ministries, TFHI emphasizes and regards churches as being important because we believe that Jesus Christ has given all things to the Church so that the Church is like the base from which Godís Heavenly Kingdom can be expanded and established on earth. Therefore in every ministry which TFHI carries out in any locality, TFHI will provide support and carryout its work through the local churches in the area.

    Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA)

Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) is training offered to all Christians so that they will have a Biblical worldview by emphasizing the demonstration of the love of God through actions. This also provides a simple guideline for the churches or cell groups in doing ministries which can have a positive influence on the community. This worldview is one chosen and used in the joint cooperation by FHI and Harvest


Long term holistic development
TFHI as an organization also has the goal to develop the areas, communities including the economic situation of the areas which the TFHI has taken part in long term holistic development. This includes rehabilitation in the area of health and hygiene and developing the potential, enhancing occupational skills, and social, economic and environment development as well as providing a Biblical worldview.


Assist and provide emergency relief
Wherever a disaster occurs TFHI is another organization which will offer a helping hand and assist and provide emergency relief to the victims of these disasters.† We do so by providing necessary items needed for daily living such as food, clothing or medication which we will provide to the victims of disasters as soon as possible.



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