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  Integral Mission
  Thailand Food for the Hungry International is sharing in National Plan to join in leadership training
with the National Committee for Evangelism 2010 under TEC in order to encourage churches in Thailand
to do good things for the benefit of communities throughout the country so that the National Plan for
Evangelism reaches its goals.


We (Robin and Susie) had been to Pattaya on three different occasions to do wholistic traning over the last few years during which time we have developed some contacts. InFebruary of this year I went with Ed (TFHI) to visit a couple of pastors and a community worker (Dianne,Pranom and Arisa) in Pattaya who asked if I could aid them bring together churches and Christian organizations that are active in wholistic ways in the city but who din't have a functioning network. This was the genesis for the Pattaya initative to form a regional alliance of likeminded ministries.

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