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  Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) is training offered to every Christian so that they will have a Biblical worldview which can help demonstrate Gods love through actions as well as finding a ways for churches and cell groups to do ministry in simples ways so that it has a positive impact in the communities. The worldview is one that is shared by FHI and Harvest which work together.

DNA and the Seed Project is the principle in creating church grow in a holistic and a long term basis according to the Biblical worldview of Food for the Hungry International and Harvest Organization which was set up in 1997. Currently we have 40 networks which share this vision worldwide and more than 10,000 churches have been trained and are using the Seed Project and adapting to expand the churches and these are churches with less than 10 member including churches and care groups which have several thousands of members.

The Goals of DNA

  • The Kingdom of God To help the church find the Biblical worldview of the Kingdom of God
    and a vision to see a people changed by the Lord Jesus Christ and being in the Kingdom.

  • Biblical Worldview To help the church understand and follow the Biblical worldview by demonstrating
    the truth, doing good and bringing in the beauty of God into every sector of society.

  • Holistic Ministry Help the church understand holistic ministry which is a ministry of reconciliation
    to demonstrate Jesus Christ to those who are suffering and have no hope.

The ministry in bringing people who are suffering to a better condition is not the
burden of any certain organization or the benefit of only any organization or
agency. It is the duty of the church to learn how to demonstrate love in a simple
way through the resources God has already given to every church to use its
strength so that the church can be a light and a good influence on the community.

DNA and the Seed Project Is to encourage the churches especially those that have limited funds
and few people to be able to use the creativity of leaders and its members to influence and change
society as well as proclaim the Gospel and increase the numbers of Christians in a proactive wayrather
than emphasizing increasing the number of its members. This is done by mainly relying on funds from
outside and relying and engineering this great source of power which depends on the commitment
of everyone who sees that DNA one of the many kinds of thoughts used by God to propel the growth
of the church until the day He returns again.





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