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Blessed Children
- Uniqueness of BCC
Integral Mission
  The outcome
In a world filled with problems and hardships, you may wonder whether you can make a difference or not.
“Yes,…you can do it.”
  The Child Development Program will give you the opportunity to bring hope into
the lives of children and by supporting them you can help children who are facing hardships. You can show
your concern and care so that the children will know the value and potential God has given to them.
You can bring in the last hope and a bright future for the children who are suffering from extreme poverty.

The Uniqueness of the Project
The strategies of the Project is that is functions as a force to empower and prepare the families, local churches
and leaders in the communities to meet their own needs. We emphasize long term problem solving, empowering
the families and communities. Money donated each month will be used for the children in the project and also for
other children in the communities.

Field staff will use specific measures and make plans according to each locality considering the spiritual life, education, hygiene and emotional needs of each child.





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