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Thailand Food for the Hungry International (TFHI) is an organization set up in Thailand in response to Godís calling which provides assistance and long term social development based on Biblical principles. TFHI is a member of Food for the Hungry International (FHI),† an organization providing assistance and long term development in 45 countries around the world.


TFHI staff.† TFHI staff members are assigned to each area during the period TFHI works to assist and help that community. Staff receive training needed for the care and development of each community, such as training in Vision of Communities (VOC) which provides knowledge for staff about long term development according to Biblical principles.



Guidelines for long term development in different localities TFHI works with local churches providing materials needed so that local churches will be able to help in development according to need and what is suitable for each community. This will help the communities to develop and improve so that they will become self sufficient and be managed by the people themselves It will encourage the local churches to share and demonstrate Godís love to the people in the communities and create favorable relationships between the churches and communities.


TFHI is an organization which provides immediate assistance and emergency relief when a catastrophe or natural disaster occurs. TFHI helps the victims in the affected areas by providing help and necessary items needed including items for daily living, medicine and clothes, as well as a team to provide medical and mental care for victims of the catastrophe.



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